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Summit 2020: AI Meets 5G

October 1, 2020


2:00 pm

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Summary of: “Summit 2020: AI Meets 5G” held on Thursday, October 1, 2020 from 2 to 5:30 PM.

Summit 2020: AI Meets 5G

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Summit 2020: AI meets 5G, organized by the Washington area CTO Roundtable, was one of the first events in the DC region to help discuss and understand the new cutting-edge capabilities being enabled at the confluence of AI on the Edge, 5G and distributed Cloud services

Summit 2020 was an exciting discussion revolving the advanced analytic capabilities driven by the explosion of IOT devices which has led to the need for faster and more robust large-scale storage and computing environments. With speakers ranging from government to private sector, the content provide a lasting knowledge in the ever-changing landscape in AI and 5G technology.


Key AI+5G Foundational Technologies

Volterra & BigPanda - Mini-Pitch + Q&A/Break

AI+5G Adoption: Catalysts and Inhibitors (Fireside Chat)

InfluxData & Versa Networks - Mini-Pitch + Q&A/Break

Innovating with AI+5G (Fireside Chat)

Closing Keynote: 5G as a Driver of Innovation


All proceeds were donated to The Foundation for Fairfax County Public Schools

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